Textile Design Show – Printsource 2015

What an amazing start to our new year! Business is buzzing and we are still enjoying the success of Printsource 2015. Now all of the post show formalities have been taken care of we have the opportunity to reflect on our time spent at Printsource NY.

It was the first of the three yearly Printsource shows, and what a way it was to kick-start the year we will definitely be signing up for future Printsource shows so watch that space. As you may know we were excited beyond comprehension at having this opportunity to share our portfolio with industry experts. Also given the fact our exhibition space had been shipped all the way from Bonnie Scotland we just couldn’t wait to get started. Monday was our setup day and the excitement hit as soon as we arrived. You quickly felt the buzzing atmosphere of creativity as each studios’ stands were beginning to take shape. We met a lot of talented designers who offered amazing advice and we look forward to connecting with them in the future. We were lucky enough to be in the stand next to Tiffany Laurencio of Designastration, who was great fun to be next to and also shared in the success of the show.

This may have been our first time exhibiting at Printsource NY, not that you could have told this from the aisles, as our stand was fortunate enough to have a constant stream of interest! Maybe the industry experts could feel our buzz and enthusiasm or maybe it was our great banners…but we know inevitably it was the amazing work of all our designers that attracted them to our stand. Thanks to all of our designers for sharing such amazing work resulting in such success! Keep up the hard work! A BIG THANK YOU to all of our clients who dropped by and to all of our new connections all of whom shared amazing feedback. We were delighted that our stand was so well received. All of our clients who stopped by the stand were very impressed by our creative business cards. In fact, they were so popular we almost ran out by the end of the show…not that we are complaining!!


Whilst we never wanted the show to end, we were also over the moon with the success of the show, not just for us, but also for our fellow studios, as January’s Printsource was deemed a triumph. We can’t wait to see our designs grace the furnishings of some truly amazing brands! We now move forward with continued inspiration and enthusiasm, and will be continuing to update our portfolio with the freshest and most striking original design.

Textile Design Show

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